DBL Marine is your perfect partner for lake and waterfront recreation across Texas. Our experienced team can design and construct the perfect dock for your watercraft needs, and we can make getting in and out of the lake swift and hassle-free with our advanced line of automated boat lifts. And yes, our team can install those, too!

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Boat Lifts

Let our advanced and innovative boat lifts do the heavy lifting for you when it’s time to get your boat in and out of the water. We feature some of the best models in the market and deliver precision installation to deliver a seamless experience.

Boat Docks

DBL Marine combines premium materials with innovative equipment to build and install some of the best looking boat docks across Texas lakes, rivers, and coastlines. We can customize your boat dock to perfectly match the needs of your watercraft.

About Us

DBL Marine

Proudly serving the needs of watercraft owners across the state of Texas, DBL Marine is the ultimate resource for lakeside recreation. We sell and build custom boat docks and boat lifts to make your day at the lake more convenient and enjoyable. Best of all, we give our customers the industry’s finest in personalized service and attention, ensuring your dockside solution is one that truly fits all your needs.

Certified Technicians

Spend less time on the dock doing prep work and more time out on the water - exactly where you want to be! Our highly qualified onsite technicians ensure your boat dock or automated boat lift is installed with precision accuracy for reliable, long-lasting results.